Hey ladies and gents!  Summer is hear and boy oh boy is it time to hit those abs until there is nothing left but sculpted awesomeness.  Get ready to hit it hard.  This ab workout was designed as a quick five minute workout that will fit in with everyone's busy schedule.  If you are new to Pilates build up to doing this workout three times per week, doing as much of the workout as you can while still keeping your lower back from lifting off the floor, keeping pelvis still, and keeping that ribcage closed into a corset!  If you are a Pilates-extraodinaire then rock this bad boy 3-4 times/wk.  Always remember to be safe and smart when working out at home!  If it feels like it's breaking...well friends, it probably is.  If you feel pain, every movement should get smaller, rest, concentrate on engaging those abdominals stronger and with more focus, then continue with the exercise.  Alright kids!  Let's get 'er done!!